Career Insights Talk, Edinburgh Napier University.

Sarah Miller, Graduate Ecologist with Ellendale Environmental recently attended a career insights day at Edinburgh Napier University and gave a presentation to the students on her path to becoming an ecologist within a professional consultancy.

Sarah Says ‘’It was enjoyable being back at my university, although slightly strange not being a student there anymore! Throughout the day there were various speakers from the environmental sector ranging from NGO’s to environmental consultancies.

I was also delivering my own presentation about my story of becoming a graduate ecologist. I walked the students through what I had done throughout undergraduate and my masters, including extracurricular activities. I also gave the students a feel for the type of work I get involved in as a graduate ecologist with Ellendale Environmental.  I get to work on a wide variety of services the company offers including; ecological clerk of works, bird surveys, protected species surveys and extended phase 1 surveys. I hope that the students gained an insight into what a career in ecological consultancy entails and in particular, what life could be like after graduation!

Overall, it was an invigorating day and exciting to hear about the many jobs the speakers had been involved in throughout their careers. It was also a good opportunity to catch up with the people who played a role in inspiring my career in ecology and I even crossed paths with a student that I had done my undergraduate degree with.

Edinburgh Napier is a wonderful learning environment and somewhere that stays in touch with and supports students even after they graduate. For example, one of my lecturers was a sponsor on my Graduate CIEEM membership application which I am very thankful for. Others have stayed in touch via LinkedIn and posted about upcoming events and opportunities that could be of interest to graduates.

In the future I hope to give back to the university by opening up work experience opportunities for students, such as internships or summer placements.’’

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Stewart Parsons