Tree planting as mitigation for underground cable works

Stewart and John from Ellendale Environmental recently planted native trees in part of the Torness Power Station grounds in East Lothian. This was part of agreed mitigation to enhance biodiversity at the site after the installation of a replacement underground cable. The trees were planted to supplement a defunct hedgerow and to connect this to an existing area of scrub and woodland.

Torness is well known by local birders as a good site to find migrant species in the spring and autumn, and when the planted trees mature they will provide further cover and feeding habitat for both migrant birds passing through as well as supporting breeding species. Linking the hedgerow to an existing wooded area will also increase the value of the site to small mammals and other wildlife by increasing connectivity.

The tree species were chosen to provide food as well as shelter for wildlife, and will support pollinating insects. Oak, hazel, silver birch, holly and elder saplings were supplemented with dog rose and honeysuckle, which provide berries for birds as well as supporting insects such as moths and bumblebees.

As part of the works, bird boxes and bat boxes will be installed on suitable existing trees to further enhance biodiversity at the site by providing roosting and breeding sites.

John McTague